Website Maintenance

If you have an existing website (we will first have a look at your site to see if we can do maintenance for you), or have purchased a static website from us, then chances are that at some stage you are going to need to change something on your site.

It could be something simple like changing a contact number, replacing a picture, adding some more text on the homepage, or something more drastic, like adding a new page, creating a new photo gallery or changing some of the design elements.

Anyway, these kinds of changes are really simple and easy to do (most of the time...), that is, IF you have some web design knowledge. If you don't have any web design skills, or don't have the time to teach yourself the basics, don't fret - we will gladly help you with your request!

How much will maintenance cost me?

Our maintenance charges are calculated on an half-hourly rate of R200. Whenever we get new maintenance in to do, we keep time on how long it takes, and then invoice you accordingly.

If we do, however, see that the changes requested are very big, then we will quote you first before proceeding.

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